What is My Home Worth?

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True talk to all future Sellers!
Sellers want top dollar and making top dollar also means you have to spend a little money to make money. I am not saying you
need to spend thousands of dollars. Clean your home! That is the bottom line people want to buy clean move-in ready homes. 

1. Tidy the place up! Less is better. 
You love your stuff but others will see your stuff as junk. Keep only what you absolutely need in the home. 
2. Keep the home decorating clean and simple.
You do not have to be a designer to have it look clean with some small items for decorations. Throw pillows, fake plants,
fake fruit bowls etc...

3. The First impression is the last impression if your home is dirty! 
Every buyer wants to walk into a home and have it feel like they can move in tomorrow. Do not distract them with your
personal items or any junk in the home. 

4. Inspect each room 
Check closet doors, electrical outlets, and windows. Do they all function properly.  
5. Realtors option
Real estate agents are there to do one job and that is to sell your home.
Remember you want to sell so do not get offended by what they might tell you to do. Real estate agents will give you the advice to help
you get your home sold fast.  

6. Does your home smell?
We all love our furry friends but they can sometimes have a smell that only you are used to. 
For you smokers out there, trust me air freshener will not help. Smoking outside your house
in the garage or porch, trust me it still stinks. Just know if you smoke or have animals in the house
your home probably needs a good cleaning and some Killz primer and paint for a smoker's homes. 

7. Sellers Home inspection
Here is a list of things I recommend to my sellers. Getting these items checked out is to avoid any costly expenses. 
  • Roof inspections are free
  • HVAC inspections $85.00 (get it tuned up if it is an older AC or if it is recommended).
  • Check all outlets in the house, make sure they work.
  • Check under all sinks for leaks
  • Check all sink for slow drainage
  • Do your toilets move when you sit
  • Do all doors and windows lock and open properly
  • An appliance that will be sold with the home needs to work. 
  • How old is your water heater? Get it checked out. 

8. Is your front and backyard clean? Make sure you clean up all weeds and trash. Clean up your front door area free from webs and dirt. 

These are some of my main areas I look at and recommend to all my sellers to help sell their home.  As your agent, I take care of a lot of these items. Contact me and find out more about how I can make all of this more affordable and stress-free.