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Janet Luna

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Notary Services

Remote Online Notary/Mobile Notary/Signing Agent Fee Schedule

The fee per Notarized or Certified document is $ 10.00/signature.
(Per Arizona Administrative Code, Rule 2-12-1102 (03/05/2018)

Mortgage closing loan packages: (Title company / Escrow / Financial institution)

Loan signing package: Negotiable

Travel expenses
The fee is based on 1-way travel from 8293 N Willow Blossom Drive Tucson, AZ 85741
Additional travel fees may apply for mobile notary services.
No travel fee = 0-10 miles (1-way)
$10.00 = 10-20 miles (1-way)
$20.00 = 21-30 miles (1-way)
$30.00 = 31-40 miles (1-way)
$40.00 = 41 miles up to 50 (1-way)
Click on the following Google map symbol to verify if your appointment site will be subject to additional mileage fees.

8293 N Willow Blossom Dr. Tucson AZ 85741, will be the starting point for your appointment.
Enter your address, city, and State to check for the exact mileage to your location.

Other professional fees
 Client "No Show"                                                         Full notary mobile fee applies
 Client "Refused to sign"                                                Full notary mobile fee applies
 Facsimile service (Send or Receive)                                                          No Charge
  eDocuments (Download/Upload)                                                   .25 cents per page
  Photocopies                                                                                 .25 cents per page
  Mailing services (UPS/FedEx/USPS, others)                        $5.00 plus shipper's charge

I am not an attorney or able to provide any legal advice.