Getting your home Prepared for the Market

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This is my own personal list that I recommend. In my experience it will make the sale go smoother and you will have less surprises. Nobody likes surprises. As you know this market is moving fast but if your home needs some TLC I will offer suggestions and do my best to save you as much money as possible. If you are unable to make repairs and you just need the home sold fast, we can talk about having an investor buy your home for cash but that means they will drop the price dramatically. We can always see what they will offer with no obligation. I do have some repair guys that are willing to get paid once the home is sold. That means they get paid out of the proceeds you will receive from the sale of your home. If you decide you want to wait till the home gets a buyer and you want to see what they ask for after inspections, it will be more costly. At that time, you will then be required to use a licensed contractor. That can be price. Check out my list below and, let us talk about it.  

1.   Sellers Home inspection ($375) paid day of inspection.

2.   Termite inspection free

3.   Roof Inspection free

4.   Ac/heat inspection $85.00 paid day of inspection.

5.   Sewer inspection $125.00 paid day of inspection.


Once your house is sold through myself, Janet Luna, I will give you back day of closing $585 for what you spent on all inspections. This only applies to contracts that have not been cancelled and have closed.

After all inspections are completed, we will know what work needs to be done. Then we will go to the next step and get you estimates for any roof, ac, plumbing, electrical/heating or termites. Remember most of this work can be paid out of your seller proceeds.

 All inspections and estimates can be done in less than 2 weeks. Some items can be done while its on the market. Do not worry we can still get your home on the market in 72 hours or less if needed.

I will also get professional pictures of your home put up. That is at my own expense of $130.

Let’s get your Home Sold!!